Our co-founders knew they wanted to help all people (especially children) directly and indirectly dealing with any type of medical challenge, ever since Jessie was diagnosed with Lupus and stage 4 nephritis back in 2005. They knew they wanted to create a company that would give back to the institutions and organizations that support and care for them. But life got busy, building families and careers took time. After Becky was blessed with her incredible sons, Russie, Malachi, and Xavier, they soon began  to run into a handful of medical challenges simultaneously. She spent every day trying to help them be BRAVE (and they are, SO brave) and surround them with as much COMFORT as possible. She searched for inspiration and support, for people that could relate, for medically adaptive clothing, for perfect gifts, and for apps to make the most frustrating aspects of their diagnoses easier. She soon realized the void in the market; there was no one-stop-shop for families dealing with any medical situation. Aiming to fill that void and inspired by the commitment to helping her boys be brave and comfortable, BRAVE COMFORT was born.

What you see today is just the beginning! The Brave Comfort team has a lot in store. We are all committed to ensuring Brave Comfort becomes a thriving community and shop that aims to help all those directly and indirectly affected by medical issues be brave, find comfort, and gives back to all of the places that mean the most to our community members. A place that puts the smile in your heart.