We envision Brave Comfort to be THE platform for any and everyone impacted by illness or disability. Whether you are the patient, the care-giver, a parent, sibling, or an aunt, uncle, other loved one, or friend...Brave Comfort is for you. Brave Comfort IS you!

Our team brings many unique perspectives to the table. We are the patient, the care-giver, the parent, the sibling, the aunt, the uncle, and the friend. We can relate to how wide-spread the impact of a significant, long-term, or chronic illness or disability can be, and that everyone affected is affected in a different way. We want Brave Comfort to be THE place you go for community support, feedback, inspiration, special gifts and solutions to make the most challenging aspects of your, or your loved ones' medical situations and unique abilities easier. We want to provide a venue for you to share your stories with an understanding and supportive audience, as we do the same. We want to give-back to the places that mean the most to all of you.

And so, we launch Brave Comfort today as a humble beginning of what we aspire the company to become. We invite you to please help us create the solutions you are looking for. Whether it is medically adaptive clothing to make treatments more comfortable, humorous content to make heavy days lighter, art to brighten up a hospital room, an outlet to share your story, or technology to make your life easier...we want to hear what would help you most!

Pin Brave Comfort and come back and visit often because we promise to keep moving and growing and creating a place that makes your life easier, inspires you to be BRAVE, provides you with COMFORT, and puts the smile in your heart!