From left to right, Josh, Molly, Becky, Jessie and Jeff Russell have always been about building things together.

Notable Team History

It was sometime in the late '80s, five young siblings were playing together and ran into a problem. They ran to their mom for help. She looked at them and said "What do we do when we have a problem?" In unison, the five responded, "We solve it!" and off they ran to discover the solution on their own, only needing the gentle reminder from Mom that if they thought about the problem carefully, they would in fact discover a way to solve it. This story would play out time and time again as the “Russell Fab-Five” grew from little kids into grown adults.

Over the years their problems changed, growing from typical childhood challenges to more significant problems of having your life completely altered by serious medical conditions. But, regardless of the severity of the problem...those 5 "little kids" always banded together to come up with the solution. Brave Comfort is inarguably the single best solution the “Fab Five” have ever created. Let’s meet them...


Becky Regan (Co-Founder & CEO)

Becky holds the rank of second-oldest in the Russell Fab-Five line up and leads the overall strategy and direction for Brave Comfort. She holds a degree in Economics from Wellesley College and a Masters in Business Administration from Babson College where she focused her studies on entrepreneurship and start-ups. Becky's career has focused on finance and data analytics. For the past 4 years she has led the financial strategy for a technology start-up out of the bay area which has given her invaluable knowledge that has been essential in creating Brave Comfort. 

Becky is married to her best friend, Rocky, who helps her calm the beautiful chaos of their life with 3 young boys--Russie, Malachi, and Zavey. These three young boys (and Jessie, read below) are the inspiration and motivation behind Brave Comfort, as all three have been forced to deal with chronic and significant medical issues--and they do so with unwavering courage, strength and grace. Becky's purpose in life is to provide them constant COMFORT, so that they can continue to be BRAVE (and they are, so incredibly brave). Becky loves spending time with Rocky and the boys doing just about anything, but playing basketball or breathing in the fresh ocean air at the beaches of Scituate, MA, where they reside, are two of her favorites. 

Supporting the organizations that give families of chronically ill patients hope has always been important to Becky. She ran the Boston Marathon 5 times raising over $50,000 for Lupus Research.

Jessie Russell (Co-Founder and Chief Brave Officer)

Jessie was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosis (SLE) and stage 4 nephritis at the age of 17. She has always said that one of the hardest parts of having lupus was having to watch infants and young children hooked up to IVs power through their infusions during her 6 months of chemotherapy. Since that time she has wanted to give back and help make the treatments and hospital visits for those real life superheroes and their families a little more fun and comforting. She is the proud and loving auntie to 7 amazing nephews, some of whom have chronic medical issues of their own. She has drawn strength and inspiration watching their bravery.

Jessie is a perfect example of not letting a disease or diagnosis define you. Despite receiving her lupus diagnosis during her junior year in high school, Jessie fought like a warrior to continue succeeding. Although her team of doctors advised her to take a year off after high school due to being in the midst of a significant flare, she entered Harvard College graduating with a degree in Economics. Giving back is part of her backbone. Over the past 9 years she’s ignored what her body has told her, and run Boston’s Run to Remember half marathon (and the Boston Marathon in 2014!) raising roughly $110,000 for Boston’s Children’s Hospital. Professionally, her interest-in and passion for helping others landed her in the healthcare industry where she currently manages the business operations function at a skilled nursing facility.


Molly Russell 

Molly is the eldest of the Russell Fab Five and helps guide the merchandising and planning strategy for Brave Comfort. Unbeknownst to her, Molly started what would become a family trend when she decided to pursue a degree in Business from Babson College with a concentration in Finance. Spanning the past nearly 20 years, Molly's career has included holding leadership positions for some of the most well know brands and retailers in the country. She currently oversees the entire global buying, planning, and merchandising operations for one of the world's most well known luxury brands. Molly has a hard time separating herself from work, as in her spare time one of her favorite activities is shopping in NYC, where she resides with her young son, Osias! When not shopping or working, Molly and Osias can be found traveling around the world.

Jeff Russell

Jeff proudly carries the middle sibling position of the "Fab Five" and advises Brave Comfort’s financial and strategic dealings. Twice a Babson Beaver, Jeff earned his undergraduate degree from Babson in 2006 and a Babson MBA in 2018. He enjoyed his studies of finance and entrepreneurship while on campus. Jeff has over 15 years of experience in digital media. Currently, he leads the commercial finance team for a large digital media agency. Outside the office Jeff is an avid outdoorsman, ultrarunner, and hobby-carpenter. His wife Kristen has bravely fought type 1 diabetes since she was 13- the same year the couple started dating! Jeff and Kristen enjoy the outdoors and log home living together with their two young sons, Graham and Hudson.

Josh Russell

Josh is the bearded one. He is also the reigning and undefeated champion of the family’s annual Christmas contest. He advises Brave Comfort’s strategic and operational topics. Josh earned his undergraduate degree from Babson and is currently enrolled in Babson’s MBA program. He has extensive experience in corporate finance and supply chain management and currently leads the operations of a large print publication in Boston. Josh resides on the South Shore with his wife, Danielle, and their young son, Jase.


Tim Coleman

Tim Coleman is a chemist, biophysicist, inventor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur. He serves as the CEO of Nemucore Medical Innovations (, as volunteer President of the Mending Minds Foundation (, and advises Brave Comfort's overall business strategy. Tim is passionate about improving the health of people suffering from cancer and diseases of the brain. To this end he has co-founded organizations to help advance humanity’s collective ability to mitigate the harmful effects of these health conditions. His professional research efforts focus on the development of: innovative nanomedicines; immune programming platforms; a precision brain mapping system; targeted magnetic resonance imaging probes; precision small molecule therapeutics; and companion diagnostics based on system biology principles.

Always an athlete who loves to compete, Tim has become an avid runner and ultra-event competitor. He competes in 3-4 events annually using his participation to raise money for pediatric hematology oncology and breast cancer research. His personal goal is to run all six major marathons. Dr. Coleman received a Ph.D. in molecular biophysics /biochemistry from the Medical College of Virginia, an MBA from Boston University’s Questrom School of Business, and a B.S. degree in biochemistry from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He has authored numerous scientific papers, abstracts and patents. Tim lives in Wellesley, Massachusetts with his amazing wife, their high-energy daughter and loving dog.