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We're here for you, we're here because we are you. We know what has helped make our lives dealing with significant medical conditions easier. However, we also know that all of our stories and experiences are unique. So, how can we be better? What would make Brave Comfort more useful and powerful for you?

Know of a designer, brand, app or other technology that you would like to see on Brave Comfort? Need a special type of adaptive clothing or an adaptive accessory that you can't seem to find? Need an app to help manage some aspect of your condition that doesn't exist? 

Let us know, let us help, help us grow!

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"You're doing a good job, Mom."

"You're doing a good job, Mom."

Becky Regan
It was 2am. I stood in the corner of my living room beside the changing table, my phone nestled between my chin and shoulder, my hands tightly clin...
"I Love You Auntie JJ"

"I Love You Auntie JJ"

Jessie Russell
I’m texting my sister Becky at 7:26pm working on some social media for Brave Comfort on the Monday night before Thanksgiving – “What do you think a...
You Are Not What I Thought You Would Be

You Are Not What I Thought You Would Be

Becky Regan
And some of what has become our reality I just never would have dreamed of, because, let’s be honest, who dreams about having chronically ill or medically-complicated kids? 

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